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This survey / workbook is a key part of the consultation on development of Floodway Development Regulation, which involves expanding the scope of consultations to include all of Alberta’s municipalities that have identified flood hazard areas, other industry stakeholders, the general public, and any other interested party who wishes to comment.

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Please download the Task Force stakeholder “discussion paper”. It provides further information on the proposed Floodway Development Regulation and presents the results of facilitated discussions among members of the Floodway Development Regulation Task Force. The information will provide users with clarity on workbook questions.

Please note that the on-line survey will close on September 30, 2014


Peace River is a progressive urban centre  located in northwest Alberta, and is a scenic, growing town that is home to just under 7,000 residents. The community is situated within the Peace River Valley and straddles the banks of the mighty Peace River. The town is within a five hours’ drive north of Edmonton and just two hours northeast of Grande Prairie and has air, rail and bus services.

Peace River provides a wide range of services for its residents and surrounding areas. Among these are an impressive combination of businesses including locally owned downtown stores and restaurants, as well as national and international retailers. Peace River also has a strong support system through a multitude of social services agencies, a variety of cultural sites, various bike trails, a ski hill, an indoor pool, as well as a number of annual events and cultural festivals.  If you are looking for a friendly and supportive community with a long list of activities and services, Peace River certainly fits the bill.

For more information about Peace River, please take some time to view the following links:

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  • Census Information
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